Scandinavian guidebook for sex workers and their clients – Series II. Finland

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Recommendation and introduction – why you should read it and what it is about...

Dear readers and travellers. I know there are a lot of people amongst you, who – unlike the usual “migrant” – seeks out a Scandinavian country especially with plans to become the user of its welfare system and part of its sex-worker community, or maybe to use certain sexual services in that specific country, or just to start an escort agency or open a massage parlour - by taking advantage of the liberal and relaxed regulations.

So I have to put it out there right at the start, that this guidebook will be based on this specific topic, but – although I greatly respect those very knowledgeable tour guides (my wife being one of them) you will not be reading about which museum to visit and which statue is where in the city, if you want this kind of information, then you are in the wrong place! Even if you do, please bear with me, because the point of this series is that we look at things about moving to a foreign country from a different perspective. I will write down many interesting hints and pieces of information that you will hardly find anywhere else – especially in one place and so well-organized.

After Denmark I will carry on with Finland (I will follow the alphabetical order just so you cannot say that I should have started with the other country instead, because it is better), and I will empower you with such knowledge that will make fitting in the society and the everyday life of Finland a piece of cake!

Just like in the other book, in this one I will again try to examine all the things from a future sex-worker’s (escort’s) or sex-tourist’s point of view, so that you will see the full (or a fuller) picture of the rules that Finland has, and that you will get to know the system as much as possible making it easy to start work and life there. It also helps you fit in better, if you not only have deep knowledge of the given country but of its neighbours, too, therefore I warm-heartedly recommend you to read the other books of the series (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden).

One more important thing though! Having great and extensive knowledge of the very basic information and deep understanding of the country are vital if you want to be successful, so please don’t be making faces while you read stuff about “political system”, “economy” and “history”. An escort should know all this; intelligence is a valuable asset (I promise you I will make the boring stuff short).

If you ever have to go on a real escort job, then you have the most chance of success at catching and keeping the best paying jobs, if on a gallery opening or a posh party, you are ready to chitchat about the effects of the recession, and you know which political party is on power right now. If you utilize the power this knowledge gives you, then nothing can prevent you from getting the most and the best-paying jobs always, and achieving success in this industry, simply having great big tits and full lips (any lips) will not suffice at this level.

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To be the best and most requested escort you have to be really smart and intelligent, easy to talk to, basically about everythings. So many elegant and posh gentlemen, politicians, famous people meet escorts at posh parties and they have to know some things about the daily life and politics of the country, that's troo, the articles says well. But most of the escorts coming here are not this type, not many luxury escorts I have met, or maybe I checked the wrong places?

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Among all the lovely and sexy escorts of Finland my all time favourites are the super sexy local Helsinki escort, I really love visiting them, they always cheer me up and give me an absolutely stunning, uforgettable experience, that's why I love Finland so much- besides other great things, of course. They are very intelligent and easy to talk to them, they actually provide a very nice company even if you wanna go out or want to organize some kind of cultural programs so they are real escorts indeed.

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Great that we have something to read about the escort life in Finland. I think most of the people focus on Norway and Denmark when it comes to escort life in Scandinavia but we should not forget our sexy local escorts here in Finland, they are very competitive on the European market. Maybe Finland is not so popular destination like to others but once someone gets here and meets the local escorts never wanna go to anyone else, these girls here provide really a memorable service!

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I do like these articles and I think all of you guys-looking at the number of the comments below makes me thing this. Do you think that the escorts ever read this stuff on the site? Like the guys says who writes this stuff, this is mostly for them to get familiar with the economy, politics and so on. Seems like they do not comment here too much. or maybe you my friends are all wonderful Finnish escorts? in the world of the Internet you never know, this world is full of surprises, am I right?

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I have ready this whole guidebook, and it was fabulous I am telling you guys! I have learnt many things about punters, escorts and Sweden altogether! As I am from a different country from latin America, this is all very new to me, Europe is a strange place, but I guess you would say the same in South America! The girls in Sweden are beautiful, I have at lest a dozen different sexy escorts in Stockholm who are my favourites and who I visit a lot! I hope there will be new escorts in Sweden around Christmas time, I am ready for some more dates!

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It is very useful to have one long list about the things that a sex tourist or an escort wannabee wants to and needs to know about a new country if they are planning to visit/settle down. This guide book seems to have fulfilled this purpose rather well, and this makes me incredibly happy, because it is written for other countries as well! I think this will prove invaluable for those who are seeking out the hottest escorts in Helsinki, and the escorts can learn a thing or two from it too!

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I am so happy that this guide book series was produced! I read all the articles back and forth, and I have found them to be very informative, and helpful for me to understand how exactly the escort world works in Scandinavia, and especially in Finland! The tips and the parts when they wrote about the special rules and regulations have been the most useful for me, and also when they were talking about when it is the best time to visit escorts! Great job, it really is!

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Great work this series I can also recommend reading it! The best about it is that it is long enough so it keeps me occupied for some time! I need something to read in those lonely nights when I cannot find a sexy escort in Helsinki to comfort me in my loneliness! :) Seriously, this is a great piece of book, full of interesting bits of information, some of that I did not even know, and some others that are well known to us Finnish punters, although I do not know about the escorts, so far none of them commented on it!

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it is a gap-filling series of work on the special side of the Scandinavian countires, thanky you, which is being said by an old punter, me. But it of course not only useful for punter like me but escorts or prospective escorts as well, so I think it would be advisable for them to read too!

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Yes, this is true, I have read all of the guide books they wrote on the subject! It is really cool that we now have material like this available at our disposal, so we can learn the ins and outs of the trade, and so can the sexy escorts in Helsinki! They will be more experienced after reading this, and also more knowledgeable, so we punters will get a much better service, and a very good and constant flow of foreign escorts into the country! yuppee!

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This guidebook is very complex guys! I have read several of the posts from this series, and I found them very informative! I am a punter, as you may know, but this is really valuable even for me, although I know quite a lot about the lives of the escorts in Finland! Still, I had several facts that I did not know about when I read this gem! I can only recommend you to read it, you will learn a lot from it! :) If you have not done it so! there is also a guide book on the other page, Norway, and in Denmark too!

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Finally! This is what I have been waiting for! A proper guide for proper escorts and proper punters! We are saved! :D

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me too! Let us see what this guy has to say about this! I have also seen they made a Denmark guide too, I think a new one is coming up about Norway maybe?

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I was so waiting for a writing like this to come! I have read all the other posts too in the Danish guidebook already, and I wanted something similar about Finland, too. Will there be others about Norway and Sweden too? Anyway, keep up the good work and keep posting interesting article about the escort life in Scandinavian countries! I love these stories!

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Yes I am also excited about this! I travel a lot where I meet escorts so a guidebook like this seems helpful enough for sex related journeys :D

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yes, and since it is a series I expect there will be other guidebooks about Norway and Sweden and all Nordic countries as well, so this is a very good advert for prostitution and escorts in these countries!

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good, I see it is interesting for everyone, I wonder what else they will write about, these articles have started to become much better quality then before, I can clearly see the difference. I wonder if females read this too, like escort girls or something as it is only us guys commenting on the blogs...

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Yes, I see they have published another one about Denmark already! It is great that such a strong and rich source of information becomes available on an escort site!

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Me too, what a nice surprise! Exactly what I need!