If the shore is too windy, or the capital is still too close - Tampere is your place

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Tampere is the most populous inland city of all the Nordic countries. Its immediate population is somewhat more than 220 thousand, but counting the surrounding (metropolitan) area as well it adds up to some 360 thousand souls. Its location is very special; it lies between two lakes that have an 18 metres difference in their level, and the energy of the waters running in between them has been used since the beginning of the 17th century (today they mainly produce electricity). Thanks to its special place in the country it has always been an important centre of trade and industry, and it continues to be so nowadays (some call it the “Manchester of Finland”).

The city greatly adds to Finland’s GDP with its significantly strong industrial, manufacturing power and research, which is mainly based on mechanical engineering and automation, and the IT sector. There are four higher educational institutes in the city with lots of students (70 thousand only in this region!), who are only waiting for you to be the “special guest” on their “first-degree-party” (be careful though, one of the four schools is the Police College of Finland).

As soon as you start looking for a flat here, you will notice it straight away that life is considerably cheaper here than in Helsinki or Espoo. A 49 square meters apartment can be rented for as “little” as 400-500 euros a month and even bigger ones can be had for 700 euros/month. In order to maximize profits it is even better if more sex-workers and escorts moving in together in a bigger flat, but if you wish to stay alone, fine, you will not have problems with that here.

Tampere is an excellent destination for tourists, and it is good and fun to work and live here, too. It has many sights (museums, temples, churches, city hall, adventure park, it even has a Lenin museum!), and you can choose from a wide range of outdoor activities as well (festivals, sporting events), or you can take walks and do trekking (or alpine and cross-country skiing in winters).

In order for you to get from “A” to ”B”, you can choose from a range of options. The most important is that taxis are available, so the transfer to and from the client is simple and quick (but definitely not cheap). Those of you who have cars feel free to drive as Tampere does not have busy roads and traffic jams, and roads are kept clean and maintained quite well in winter, too (be cautious to use the appropriate equipment in the cold, like snow chains or winter tyres).

Other than that, the city is quite small for you to be able to get around on foot, you might need to take the bus to get to suburban areas though (for 45 euros you can use all the buses you want for 30 days). Alternatively, you can opt for cycling; it is possibly to rent if you do not want to buy, for a 40 deposit, you can use them as much as you want all summer (for details visit the „www.liikkumisenohjaus.fi/tampere-citybike/” website).


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This is my favorite town in all Finland, or even more, in all Scandinavia. And it's so strange that many people- talking about foreign people- haven't even heard of this wonderful city. They don't know what they can miss if they don't come here. Especially the sexy Tampere escorts who are the nicest, sexiest, most friendly escorts in the whole country and also very experienced and intelligent. They have mostly local regular customers as tourists don't even think that the best escorts can be found here!

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To be honest, I have never been to this place before however I live in Finland and not even too far from Tampere. But I have read so many positive comments and opinions about this city and the escorts here on this website that I really have to visit this place now. And I am sure I will love it just like you Guys. We all need to refresh our customs time to time, it is good to meet new escorts and to know new places. Cannot wait.I will share with you my experiences here about the sexy Tampere escort girls after my trip.

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I have been to Tampere only once, but I still remember the escort girl there who I met with, and who has been so nice to me after my divorce! I have a great time dating escort girls all over the country, but that one Tampere escort girl was really special! I wish I can see her, but despite the fact that I was trying to find her, I am not able to meet with her, so probably I have to find another sexy escort girl for myself in Finland!

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In this city loads of traveller escort working. Which is a shame. It happened to me once as well in the same city. I met the perfect escort in Tampere I kind of fell in love with her and then she just disappeared. Could not find her any more, phone is off. Still wondering if she is OK. But sometimes they spend only a few days in a city and then they leave. Forever.

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Guys, it is so hard to chose the best city n Finland where we have the best looking escort girls! I have visited many cities, and I have to vote for the favourite, my best won, Tampere! I have meet all kinds of escort girls in Finland, and I got the best services in Tampere, so for me it is the best place to meet sexy escort girls! But I have to admit it was very close with Helsinki! The capital comes second for me, in terms of escort girl services!

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Tampere has always been my favorite city when it comes to dating sexy escort girls! I meet girls on a weekly basis, usually only once a week, unless I have a birthday, or there is something to celebrate at the company! I have been to other cities in Finland too, but I always wait with my travels until I get to Tampere, so I can meet my super sexy regul escort girls there! No one else can match their enthusiasm, and their experience, they know me well too, so I have no reason to change!

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I have been to Tampere once, and I have to say, the escorts in tampere definitely know what they are doing! I have spent a few nights there with my wife, and then we had a fight, and I ended up in a local pub! there was this sexy busty escort girl, and we started chatting, I got drunk, and she did not mind giving me a blowjob in the toilet after a few drinks! I made peace with my wife, and we had a threesome with the escort girl in my apartment there! Best time of my life!

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If I have to choose a city in Finland where the escorts girls are the most beautiful and sexiest, then this city will be Tampere! I have had my first sexual encounter with a Tampere escort and I will remember the experience until my death! It was great, she got to know me and my needs very well, she did everything to make me comfortable and to enjoy the pleasures she gave me! I will never forget her, and since then I have been collecting other fond memories of Finland...

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It seems I am the first one here, who does not like Tampere! It is a perfect place for escorts, I do not doubt it, but I think it should not get a much attention as Helsinki! Escorts in Finland go wherever there are wealthy clients; be it Tampere, Espoo or Helsinki, escorts are beautiful and for me the biggest range of available escorts are in Helsinki!

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Tampere is beautiful and it is full of lovely people and even lovelier escort girls :P So I can only say that it is perect for me, I do not see why it would not be suitable for any of the Southern escort girls too! Com on girls, come to north a little, to date us the real Nordic man, we need ore of you up here in Tampere! And of course, Tampere is full of rich clients, just like giant said :D

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I somewhat agree with both of you. It sis true, that Helsinki is the most important place for escorts to be, but as a long time citizen of Tampere, I have to speak up for those who want more escorts to join our community! Probably most of the escorts choose Helsinki anyway, but there is notheng better then a beautiful and busty escort girl in Tampere, your hometown! I do not always want to travel to meets someone, that is understandable I think!

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Tampere is beautiful and it is certainly a good place for escorts to be! And I do not say this, because I live in this city, and I want to meet as many sexy Tampere escort girls as possible, no not at all. I say this, because it is true, and because I want to meet a lot of nice and sexy escorts in Tampere :D More is always better :D

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I agree with gotee, I had a girlfriend once who was an escort, and she said that she would never advise anyone against Tampere, it was worth it for her to start her career in here! As she was a beginner, I understand why one would like this city so much. People are nice, and the business is quiet, so escorts do not have crazy amounts of visitors, just enough to get on by, and this is what a beginner needs, she should not get overwhelmed at the first time she tries, it will only scare her for life!

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I love Tampere! It is not as windy as its shore-side counterparts, and it is also a lot cheaper to rent an apartment here! I understand why it is a good idea for escorts to move here and start their career here as a professional escort! Also, the IT business is so rich and resourceful, that a lot of young talents move to this part of Finland and they make millions! It is a gold mine for escorts too!

reek · gotee
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Yes, that is true, I work in the IT sector so I know what you mean! Also, the apartment are cheap, so escorts do not have trouble renting a nice one to meet the clients in it! Although it is good venue for tourist that is exactly the reason I don't like about this city! It is annoying that when in season you have so many strangers and foreign people walking the streets that it is hard to be somewhere private, somewhere other than your home. It sucks, but the escorts are certainly hot in Tampere!

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I generally don't like waters and afraid of them, also I hate winds. So for me it is absolutely a number one choice to move to Tampere, also the surroundings are beautiful! So i think for escorts this place is also very good, many nice people are here and they have the money!

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IT sector generally has a lot of value and wealth associated with it. Everyone I know who works in IT business is bloody rich, so I can completely understand, if an escort wants to move to Tampere. It is a nice town, i have been there once, the people are very neat, and transport is also good. The prices of the accommodation is nothing special, Finland is not that cheap, so... no one should expect miracles!

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My name might be santa, but I certainly feel best when I am in Tampere! The escorts are beautiful, the wind is not that strong, the shore is far away, it is all very nice and quiet! I have also been to other cities in Finland, but of the bigger cities only Tampere was suitable for my strange taste! Luckily more and ore escorts choose Tampere to be their HQ, so punters are well serviced in the region!

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I see you guys have developed quite a great fascination about Tampere here. Let me tell you one thing. The best GFE I have ever experienced was given by a beautiful and sexy Tampere escort girl. It was the story of my life, I fell in love with her, but then she left for another country and I have never seen her again. This was before the Internet times, where you can browse sex-tjejer.com for hot Finland escorts.

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Oh, long time since we spoke about this wonderful city, and now I got here and all the good memories came back. I think it is time to go back there for me and check how the things changed there since last time I've been. It was in the previous century. Would love to see how the escorts are there nowadays. Maybe we should all make a study tour there, what do you think guys?