Finland nowadays – a few thoughts on geography and climate

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The location of today’s Finland is one of the most special amongst the Nordic countries, because this is the northernmost of all. Its surface used to be covered by glaciers, that is what formed the land the most and gave its distinctive landscape; a huge peninsula with thousands of tiny little islands and lakes (180 thousand of each), the lack of high hills, 69% of the mountainous surface is covered by forest, 10% by water. The biggest lake is the Saimaa, and the highest point is Halti with 1324 m (the summit of the mountain is actually in Norway).

In terms of its climate, I only have to say so much, that the location of the country speaks for itself. I will not go into details about which weather systems and how they affect the climate and temperatures of Finland, it is enough to know, that the winters are cold (zero - (-30) degree Celsius), and the summers are relatively hot (20-32 degree Celsius).

The conclusion is that it is far more pleasant in the South than it is in the North, but the constant winds and clouds will still make the weather rather unpredictable. And this can only mean one thing; the current weather can change very quickly – sometimes even in a matter of just a few minutes – so you better be ready for rain and storm, an umbrella and layered clothing are a must.


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This is still not worse than Russia. Ok, maybe in Europe Finland is a very cold country but there are much colder countries all around the world. But there is one common thing anywhere you are and no matter how cold is that country: there are escorts everywhere. And that is all that matters. Not in the smallest villages obviously but in the important Finnish cities you can find very sexy, kind of luxury escorts too, I would say they are the best ones on the continent.

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Summer time is the best in Finland. Winters are way too cold- not only for us but for the escorts as well. Keep in mind that we have many foreign escorts in Helsinki- mostly university students-and they are coming from a warmer country. They do like to work and undressed in the summer but I realized that winter time we can find a lot less escorts advertising. What could be the reason? Do they escape from cold? Wish to live in a place where 365 days is summer.

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I love nice cold winters when everything is covered by snow and you have no choice but to cuddle with your favourite Helsinki escort girl in front of the fireplace on a fur of a bear and make out! That is a nice dream that can be made happen every day if you live in Finland! I always do that when the winter comes, I rent out nice cabins in the woods and I take my favourite escort girls there to enjoy hot and sensual and sometimes dirty dates with them! The look of the mountains is just as nice from the window as the look of bouncing tits!

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Many people are focused on the climate when they are looking for a country to move to, especially if the want to settle down and start a new escort career there! Like the escorts in Helsinki, they know it is cold in the winter, but they have so many clients around Christmas, that it is not a problem for them to get accustomed to the cold winters and the winds. Also, the capitals are always a little warmer than the country! So I think the escorts do not mind cold climates as much as tourists!

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I love winters! ok,here in Finland winters are colder than probably anywhere else in Europe, but you just need to get used to different circumstances. For example in England nobody complains about rain. Escorts do know that it's cold here when they choose this country and they do know that they can make nice money here. And they are not standing on the streets so it is not a big deal for them I think.Anyway we can enjoy a good weather in summer as its pretty hot-like the girls!

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I don't think they have many customers around Christmas, the same like anywhere else. Most of the escorts take their annual holidays around Christmas, sometimes they leave even for a month. They would like to see their families and friends and they know that many of their regulars spend this time with their families or go on holidays which means there is not much work in this period of the year. This is the low-season for them.

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The climate in Finland is interesting, but not as interesting as the beautiful body of a gorgeous Helsinki escort girl! Those escorts who come to Finland and decide to stay here usually do not care much about the country's climate and weather and the temperatures. I know there are people who really care a lot, and the get depressed if it rains or something like that, but the escorts come here to make as much money as possible, so they do not cry about a little cold or rain or snow!

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I love myself a little extra sunshine in Finland, especially after the long winter, I really crave spring now! And there is another thing that spring brings with itself, and that is the hot and sexy escort girls in Helsinki! They start dressing down a little, they will show more of their beautiful and hot bodies, a little skin! And this is a great way to grab the attention of potential clients even on the street without having to advertise at all! I cannot wait for those boobs to turn up soon! :DDD

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I do not mind the cold weather at all! I think it is even on more reason to cuddle with super sexy helsinki escort girls in the winter! Or even if the escorts are not from the capital, but up North, I think it is even hotter to rent a nice wooden house in the mountains, and spend a long weekend drinking and fucking all day and night with those girls! Or a party there in the winter, with a little sauna every now and then! I think it would make a perfect winter holiday!

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I always prefered the hot part of the year. I like getting undressed, but what I like eve more is when the girls appear in spring and summer time wearing tiny little pieces of garments, which barely cover their fine asses and nice big tits, like the Helsinki escort for example! They like to show off, but let us admit it, it is hard to show any skin in winter time, when it is minus 20 out there. In the summer however, they can get half naked in the sun if they want to, and that is what I need!

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The bad weather does not bother me at all! I do not mind if it rains, the wind blows, the sun shines, I am totally senseless in this matter! I only care about my Helsinki escort girl's hot body when I meet her, and I expect her to only care about me when we meet! I do not like when they get affected by bad weather, like they look depressed and all that, it is very disappointing, and I always lose my mood to fuck them! So I do not like when people complain about the weather!

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I found it really interesting that the mood of the Helsinki escorts is affected by the local weather so much! It is even worse if they check their weather forecast in their home countries, and they find out that it is much nicer than in Finland, then they can get depressed about it i no time, and the whole date is ruined by that! Of course, not all the escorts behave this way, but some of them are on their smartphones all the time, even when i am doing them from behind!

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Yes, I want to see more of the specific parts too, but I think they are on it, so we just need be patient! More escort stuff is coming up soon!

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yeah, I am sure there will be other things too! The Danish guidebook is ahead a little bit but this will catch up soon too...

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I like meeting escort girls in Finland when the rain is falling, or when there is an average shitty weather all round, as it makes the meeting hotter and a lot more sensual. In cold weather it is much better to have sex with a stranger, it somehow elevates your senses and it makes it an unforgettable moment! One of my best one night stand with a beautiful Helsinki escort is in the winter, where I was freezing then she let me in and warmed me up! :D

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that is a very nice collection of data about the climate and geography of Finland, when I started to read I was afraid that it would be too long, boring and raw, but luckily it is an easy read, so keep up the good work, dear writer!

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what do you think is it a woman or a man writing this? It is quite good, but I think the best is yet to come, this is just a warm up before the real topic hits the blogs!

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yeah, I am sure they will get specific about the deep topic of escort and punter life here! At least I hope!

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there is a few other posts up here already on the topic, be patient guys! You need to know the basics too, this is a guide book, if you live here you will probably not find many parts of these interesting, but for newcomers it is a goldmine!

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I can see it has been awhile since someone has commented o this topic. I guess it was not "hot enough" if you know what I mean! Climate is a very raw topic, but it is certainly connected to the escort life in Scandinavia. Escorts always check the weather first befre they travel, because they prefer warm and sunny places over dark and cold environments. They are like flowers.