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I have written about many things in all the paragraphs above, and tried to give you a comprehensive package of information about the state of prostitution and the lives of escorts in Finland; I have told you when to travel, and you have gotten many other useful hints as well. Regarding the “law stuff” I have to stress, though, that law is not constant, it keeps changing, so it is vital for you to be up to date on these matters if you choose to travel to Finland, always check first! Most of the data is available in English, and most of the Finnish speak English fluently, still it will be much easier for you if you learn a bit of Finnish (quite a challenge as it is nothing like any other foreign language). You will get some sources too, where you can find news and updates in connection with the topics discussed here.

I have told you in the beginning, that this guide book will be somewhat unusual, nothing like the ones you can by in a bookshop for instance; it is clearly for the sex-workers and escorts and their clients, there is only a limited amount of general information in it that is vital to know, so if you want to know more about sightseeing and museums, feel free to seek help from general guidebooks, or if you already live in Finland, you can learn the experience and knowledge of the locals.

Finland is nice and beautiful, but if you go there to work then you will have very little time to discover the sights of the country and the city, apart from the most important ones maybe. Therefore, I have found it more useful to write about the law, rules, regulations, taxation, and about how and where you can get help and assistance from, should you need it.

I honestly hope that all the information I have shared with you will prove useful and help you to lead a successful, exciting, and happy life in Finland as an escort. Or if you are still undecided on which of the Nordic countries to start a new life in, or you crave for a change (but still would like to remain in your beloved line of work), then let me full heartedly recommend some of my other books in this series on the subject (Danish, Norwegian and Swedish Sex Guidebooks – some free advertisement here ).


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Shame, this was a really great blogpost, I got to learn so much about the life of escorts and punters in Finland! It is a pity that it ends now! I hope there will be some other cool blogs posted soon that will fill the emptiness! I love and I really adore those escort girls in Helsinki who dedicate their lives to offer the most pleasurable experience to their clients all over Finland! This is a great profession, and I think most of us punters are really grateful for this!

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I find it a bit difficult to keep up-to-date with those bloody laws and regulations on prostitution. To be honest the only thing I can concentrate is the beautiful and attractive escorts and prostitutes in Finland, I don't give a fig to reading rules...that's why I think it would be nice of you to write current information on this issue to make our pleasure safer, so thank you in advance!

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I feel sad and empty now too. It is enough for me to take that my favorite Helsinki escort has left the country for a better place, she went to Dubai, so now I am left with those who I do not even know. Then the guide book series has ended as well, this is another set of bad news. I do not know what to read now, I have read all the previous guide books from the other countries, and they were all excellent! I hope they post something new here, too, soon!

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It was very entertaining to read this, every day I read only one of the articles, and I meditated on what they wrote about things in connection with the life of escorts in Finland! It was full of useful information indeed, like others sad it here, and I hope there will be some kind of extension for this! I want to get to know their lives as well as it is possible, without being to direct! They do not like to share, so I can only rely on the writings I found on the Internet!

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Sad, sad indeed, but I can feel there is something new and better coming! It was a great series indeed, and it was full of valuable information about the life of escorts in Finland, Helsinki and Turku! It is the best thing about this writing that it was not only meant for those who visit the capital a few times, but for those as well who happen to live here, and in other bigger cities in Finland! I hope something similar will be posted very soon!

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I have taken a look at the other guide books they mention in the end, and they certainly make a good job writing these articles! I like reading about the "behind the scenes things" when it comes to the life of escorts and punters! Whenever I meet a sexy escort in helsinki, I always think about what this book says about the rules and regulations, and that how much work they have to put in so they can look the best and sexiest! It must not be easy to be an escort!

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Well, I have to say that I am not happy either that this guide book series has come to an end, but I think we can all agree that it was a very good experience to read it, it was full of useful data and handy facts and hints about the life of punters and escorts in Finland! I especially liked, that they did not only include Helsinki, but other cities as well in the writing, so those who do not live in the capital could also get some information! Very nice post indeed, it was great to read it!

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Look, guys, I do not want to play the hero (excuse the pun), but I think there is a more to come after this! i mean, this was such an exciting writing about the life of escorts and punters in Finland, and the rules and regulations connected to the prostitution business, that I think more hot topics will follow,as this has proven to be rather popular amongst the users of this site! The best bit is the history and the economical processes, that was all new to me! Very good post indeed!

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The end, might be a new beginning! I also feel sorry and sad for this article to end, but this might be the start of something completely fresh and new! The life of the sexy Helsinki escorts is very exciting to read about, and since I meet a lot of them, it is important for me to understand how they live, how they work, how they love and when they come :) So all in all it was a great post with many interesting facts and additional information that I hold valuable!

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I loved this series! I learnt so much about escorts, and also, the history and the economy of Finland! It is very helpful to someone who is a foreigner and lives in Finland as a tourist! Life is difficult enough without the helping words and lines of this writing, especially when I want to meet the sexiest escorts in Helsinki! It is good to know how they live, how they spend their weekdays, what services they use, and what time of the year they are the most active, it is easier for me to plan knowing all this!

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Right it was good, however, I still think that something is missing! I cannot quite get a grip on it, but I think I would have wanted to read more about the life of the shemale escorts in Helsinki. It is a well known fact, that the popularity of shemale escorts is rising, there are more and more people wanting to meet and date TS and TV escorts, but I do not know for what reason. It would be nice to read a hands on about the life of TS escorts in Finland, some kind of interview perhaps?

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Shame, it was a great long writing! It was full of useful information, and I got to know a lot of things about the beautiful Helsinki escorts, and I surely look at them from a different perspective now! They are not as dumb as I thought them to be, and also, their life is not just about fucking with every person they meet. they have to weigh the pros and cons of where to move, how long to stay, it needs like a proper business plan! I wish all escorts in Helsinki and Finland good luck, and I hope I will meet many of them in the future!

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It was a really good post indeed! I wish this whole writing was longer though, there are so much more to learn about the life of escorts in Finland! Their life is so interesting, they meet a lot of new people every day, they have to take care of money problems, organize dates and travelling, I think someone should make a documentary about their lives! And post it here so we can all watch it! I hope we see more of this soon!

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This post has been very quiet recently guys. Wish you all a happy new year with lots of fresh experience with new escorts here in Finland. I am just wondering maybe this year we will get some more articles about the escort life of Finland as we all really enjoyed reading and commenting this stuff. We have also learnt a lot about this business and shared our experiences too. Hope we get more of this soon!