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There are only a handful of things left to talk about, which you will get in the form of a well-organized and comprehensive package to make your lives easier. I have collected bits that are interesting, unique, but not necessarily connected to the sex-trade, still it is good to know about them.

However, before talking about the specific examples you will get a brief description of the crime in general in the country. Finland is one of the safest places on the Earth (it is highly likely that the country you come from is less safe), the crime rate is really low in the cities as well as in the smaller villages. Racism barely and rarely appears, and corruption is non-existent here. It is so safe, that people even leave the buggies outside with the babies inside them when doing the shopping in smaller shops, and most of them do not lock their front doors either (just like in Canada). But. If you have a bicycle (either your own or rented), be careful as thieves are out there to get them, do not leave them unattended!

Once the bike is safe, I will carry on with the question of smoking. Finland is an anti-smoking country. It has been forbidden to advertise tobacco products since the seventies, smoking has been banned from workplaces in 1995, and you cannot smoke in the restaurants, bars and pubs either since 2006. However, if you are a smoker (I completely understand if you like to have a fag before and after – although it is not good for the skin, it decreases your lung-capacity, which then reduces the efficiency of your deep-throat technique, so…ask yourself, is it worth it?), you will only be able to get hold of your daily tobacco dosage in licenced places (which can only be sold to over 18s). In exchange for that you cannot smoke nearly anywhere in the country (most of the landlords will not let you smoke in their apartments either), it is illegal to smoke close to schools, nursery schools, on public transport vehicles, and it is prohibited even on outdoor events like concerts.

After tobacco products and smoking rules we have to talk about the other drugs, too, although this will be a shorter story as alcohol consumption and alcoholism are much bigger problems in today’s Finland than the use of illegal substances. Finland is not considered an important destination country of the drug-trade and industry, but because of its location (the close proximity to Russia, Estonia, and Latvia); it has somewhat become a transit country for the traders. In addition, once you carry a huge load of cocaine all over a country, it is unavoidable for some of them to find their ways to the street as well (but luckily not as much as in Denmark for instance).

Unfortunately, the rate of illegal substance use is very high amongst prostitutes, escorts and other sex-workers. The most popular (if we can say that) is the cannabis; it is relatively cheap, it slows and calms you down a little, exactly what you need after a busy 10-12 hour shift full of anal and oral action, but it is widely used by students as well (according to research mainly the bad-students smoke cannabis). The second most widely used ones are the amphetamines and the methamphetamines, ecstasy; they give you a boost and get you up to speed so you can do your job easier, quicker, and more efficiently.

Do not think though that you are in the Netherlands (although most of the Finn drugs come from there), it is illegal to use any of them (cannabis included). The law strikes down on those of you who are caught with drugs, owning and using them will get you a fine or a maximum of 6 months in prison, but distributing, or cultivating them can put you behind bars for up to 2 years, and if you deal with extremely dangerous drugs and distribute to the masses or endangered people (like children, or old sick people), then you can face a prison sentence up to 10 years!

However, there is another string attached to the whole topic; we can look at things from a health perspective. There are at least 35 special institutes, so called health centres in Finland (mainly in or close to bigger cities) where the addicts can be assisted, helped (they can get clean needles or be admitted to addiction treatment programs) or treated when overdosed – as part of the very efficient and high quality Finnish drug-prevention program (the rules about the needle-exchange have existed since the great HIV epidemic of 1998).

After the drugs, comes the alcohol, the favourite brain-killer of the Finnish. The law is clear about alcohol; no under 18s can buy alcoholic drinks whatsoever, those from 18 to 20 can buy “soft” or “light” alcoholic drinks (beer and wine up to 22% of alcohol), the over 20s can buy and drink anything and as much as they like. You can buy beer and cider in the supermarkets until 9 o’clock in the evening, but anything stronger than 4.6% can only be bought from the “Alko”, a monopoly owned and regulated by the state. Just like in the other Northern European countries, you cannot drink-and-drive in Finland either, or at least keep you blood-alcohol level below 0.05% (about half glass of wine). If you break the law however – depending on the blood-alcohol level – you can face up to 2 years in prison (usually suspended), and you can get banned from driving for up to 5 years.

Although most of you are girls reading this, for the sake of male and shemale escorts - or any gender that has what I call the “persuader” (penis) – I will share another interesting thing that is rather connected to the free time activities not the sex-topic, but it is typically Finnish. This is the famous so called “Everyman’s Right” (no, it is not about the right to hump everyone and everything freely). The point of this rule is to let all men roam freely in the nature, in forests and by the lakes and rivers without asking for the permission of the land’s owner. It is a very old rule, which has grown to be a law over the centuries, and it practically means that you can feel free to walk, hike and camp in the nature, row on the lakes and rivers without having to worry that you are trespassing on someone’s land. They only ask one thing though: please, keep some distance, at least do not set your camp right under the bedroom window of the property owner. It is nice of them.

As most of you are reading this because you are planning to become a professional sex-worker or escort to practice the trade in Finland, it is vital for you to know when it is best for you to visit the country. Tourists like to travel in the summer, because weather is nice and the days are longer, but as a sex-worker, this might not be a bright idea. In the next few paragraphs, I will detail then when you should and when you should not travel to Finland with the aim to work, but most of these hints are somewhat general and can be applied to any of the Scandinavian countries – apart from a few minor differences.

I will start with the bad. The popular holiday seasons – like the school breaks and summer holidays – are especially useless and unprofitable, it will be nearly impossible for you to find paying customers in great numbers, most of the Finns either go on holiday with or without their families, but nearly always go away for some time and buy sexual services in the destination country instead – or just simply rest. With this move, the biggest number of the possible paying customers vanish from the market, and those who stay are either too old to have a hard-on, or are foreign workers and go back to their home countries to spend the summer with their families and loved ones. So summer is for taking rest and relaxing, or if you are desperate for some work, then choose another destination where summer is the main season of the sex-trade (some tropical island with lots of sunshine and good weather).

Be careful with the special events and celebrations though – Valentine’s Day is not the day of escorts and prostitutes, but the lovers and the married, so do not expect record breaking amounts of horny clients that day. But I could easily say that about any other festivity or public holiday, as most of you clients will be married men with families (!), the husband would hardly be able to get away from the missus unnoticed, they probably have to take part in some riveting family events. You do not necessarily have to give up on such periods though, just be prepared for a lack of clients that time. And how come it is the married man? – You might ask, rightfully. Naïve question. Most men in long-term relationships or marriages get bored of the missus after some time, but still feel the urge to have sex, and after such a long “off-period” the men just forget how to date women – and let us be honest, they are too busy and lazy to try. It is easy to see, that the first hand solution here is to use the services of an escort; quick, simple, clean source of pleasure without the must-have bullshit and the usual messing around with first date, second date and so on, it is just a really effective business relationship and transaction. Many of the men think of using the services of a prostitute as a fully natural and accepted way of satisfying the needs of men, it is not considered cheating, as there are no real feelings involved.

The favourite period for sex workers lasts from the beginning of August (which typically marks the end of the school summer break), all the way to Christmas and New Year’s Eve, that is when the market (and demand) is at its best. The reason is, that those “model-fathers/husbands” get tired of the time spent with the family, they had the kids and the wife around all summer long, they had to travel here – travel there, by the time the summer break ends the parents are happy to get back to their jobs so they can have some rest . It has to be said though, that being able to create a very good “alibi” (like having to do overtime for the summer holidays taken) also somewhat increases the chance that you will find clients queuing up for a “full-body service” .

The other really busy time is the Christmas period (plus - minus a few more days, and I do not mean Christmas Eve, that is for the unfaithful daddies to stock up on carbohydrates for the after party ). At these times, the bigger the family the more time and money can be spent on “present hunting-shopping activities”, no one will notice if the boy gets a few hundred euros cheaper snowmobile for Christmas, and the difference is used up by daddy in the local massage parlour (what he will visit soon again in the New Year to get some rest after the long, tiresome and annoying family program). And those who are single will certainly welcome the idea to spend the festive season in a sexy escort’s company (even though they have to pay for it dearly), at least they get some wonderful and truly unforgettable Christmas present (like a sexy little “under-dressed” shemale escort wearing Santa’s or one of its helper’s uniform, giving you oral and anal pleasuring – or something similar). The period following the New Year is then good again all the way to the summer break, just bare those family events in mind!

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These tips and hints seem very useful for me actually, I have been looking for some insider information for a long time, then I found this post here! Most useful is to know when the new escort girls arrive to Helsinki, so I can be there and save my money for some fresh girls who no one dated before me! I really like those sexy Finland escorts in Helsinki, who are happy, freshly tanned and friendly with me! This is the best feeling ever! :)

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The hints are very useful indeed, and what I like the most is the part about the favorite times when escorts food the cities and the country to make as much money in Finland as humanly possible! This is the hunting season for me ;) I get to meet some of the most beautiful girls, and it is cool because there are some escorts who only visit the country during Xmas period for example! This way I get to meet and date girls I would never have the chance to meet otherwise!

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I think it is very useful to know when the meat market has the most fresh meat to offer :D I mean, I want to date escorts girl who I like the most, and I like trying several different ones, and if there is a period when there are only a few girls, usually I go with someone I do not like that much, but there is no better option, so I must choose someone anyway! This is not the case in Christmas time, when all the escorts come to Finland and offer the best services!

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The best bit in this writing is when they tell you when is the best time to meet the sexy escort girls in Helsinki! I have always taken a trip in the typical holidays, like women's day, Valentine's day, Easter, and the other family breaks! Now I know that these times the escorts are not so active, so I think I will follow my plan to time my family holidays for these periods, this way avoid meeting "overused escort girls, and I can choose from the "fresh ones" when they arrive to the country! :)

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I like how the writer specified the best time for escorts to visit Finland so they can bring the most out of their time spent here! it is also very useful for me to know that they are doing everything they can to advertise themselves in this period so they can date as many guys as possible. In these times, it is probably very hard to get hold of the sexist Helsinki escorts in Finland as they are very busy! So for me the calmer times are more suitable!

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Finally! After reading this post I finally know why it is so hard to get hold of any of the sexy escort girls in Helsinki, or ma favorite shemale Helsinki escorts! Because in Xmas time they are on holiday, just like the most of us! They spend time with their families, and they do not want to work at all, at least in that time of the year! I see now, these tips are very handful for those who know little to nothing about how the escort business works, or how the actual escorts live their lives in Finland! Nice post!

gotee · carter
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Actually I was one of those unfaithful daddies the writer talks about, who stocked up quite well on calories at Xmas time! I am so fat now, but luckily I see a way out, soon I will be ready to meet the first Helsinki escort of the year, and hopefully the beautiful will have me moving all night long, which should burn off some of the fat :D Apart from that, I mostly agree with the contents of this post, especially abut the bikes, you really have to lock them up tight to prevent theft! Life is like this, what is movable, can be stolen too...

reek · carter
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I actually noticed this strange thing with some of the prostitutes in Finland, that they use drugs! I mean I did not see it, but surely you can tell if a girl takes something or sues something, and you can definitely tell the drug user from a drunk bitch. I did not have this experience however with any of the sexy Helsinki escorts I met in Finland! They were all clean and clear, and they have always given me a wonderful service, so I think it is not such a big danger in the whole industry, it only affects part of the girls! hopefully!

santa · carter
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I have seen this too reek! But the same as you, I have never noticed any VIP Helsinki escorts doing that! They might do this when they meet high profile clients, rich people who do coke at parties or company events, celebrations, New Year's Eve parties! This time the escorts are sometimes obliged to use that substance themselves too, as the party is better this way!

tyrion · carter
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Yes well bankers and other high profile VIPs tend to use coke on parties and company dinners and such events, a it elevates their mood! And once they start calling up sexy Helsinki escorts to have a little fun with them, they have to follow the happenings and they also use some of those substances! It is only natural, most of the girls probably are too afraid to say no. But this is different from low quality street walkers being drugged in all the time, so that is why statistics do not work when it comes to drug users...

sentry · carter
| 2 |

This is true, however, escorts have the chance to say no to drugs! And most of them do, in fact, most of the Helsinki escorts will even kick you out if they see that you are high! They have it in the description of the type of clients they are willing to see and escort, and the drunk and drug user ones are all crossed off the list! So I think a good quality escorts will not sniff coke and drink herself to death with even a client who takes her to a party...

carter · carter
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You know, even if a Helsinki escort has problems with drugs or alcohol, there are plenty of clinics where they can ask for help, like they wrote it in this post! I think those who recognize it as a problem (i.e. addiction), they will eventually get in touch those clinics and ask for help so they can heal! I hope there will be less and less addict and alcoholic out there, as I really not like the sight of them, I want to see real sexy escorts in helsinki with clear eyes and fresh breath!

peter · carter
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yeah, that is true, they can ask for help if they want to. however, it is usually not the case that they become addicts here in Finland! They are either forced to use some substances with their high profile clients (which does not happen very often, and nit with many escorts), or they have been addicts long before they have arrived in Helsinki, or became escorts in Helsinki!

gotee · carter
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They could ask for hep, but usually the drugs are included in the price when meeting a wealthy client who wants to enjoy himself while also doing drugs. the girl I think only take them if they want to, but they obviously do no pay for any of the substance they use on these parties, it is like the food and the alcohol, free to use! The Helsinki escorts are rather clean anyway, so I do not think this can be a real issue here!

reek · carter
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I think drugs are not such a big problem for the escorts! They learnt to fight the cravings and their business means a lot mroe to them than the joy they get from using drugs. Even when on a date, I think they resist the temptation, and they do not accept drugs from clients - should they offer them any. Also, they know that drugs are illegal to use, so I think most of them would not risk their "escort licences"! Helsinki escorts have always been clean and beautiful, at least the ones I have met, so I cannot imagine them being high and passed out!

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I find this article very useful too. I believe you can find hardly any "active" escorts around Holidays like Christmas anywhere. Most of these girls have their families in different countries and that's why they are not available for us in this time of the year-which is acceptable I think. Lets say they take their annual " holidays" this time. So, for a couple of days we need to find something else to do but then they are freshly back in the New Year, so the business goes on.